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Hi and welcome to my porfolio! This consists of some of my latest work, the looks I can achieve and some of my trademark poses :)!

Heres some flexible work I do

I am a UK published and professional model and originally a geordie bird now living in the midlands. Easy to work with, feet on the ground and everyone here holds potential work for me, so please dont be shy :).

RATES... I HAVE ONE RATE 40PH and this is up to artistic/fine art nude. Discount on longer hours starting at four. (This does not involve full frontal as I do not shoot it.)
I work hard for my money and my rates are based on the fact that I am extremely versitile and I work just as hard whether high fashion or art nude. Most shoots I am complimented on the fact the photographer has come into paid shoots after ours so I would say I earn my money:). You can have tfp and low paid shoots but what you put in you get out.
I work to art nude as you know this means....No full frontal.
I am great at my job and Im easy going but getting me to pull my knckers as far down as you can before watching me turn red and steam coming out my ears just wont work. It looks tacky, if you want that I suggest you book a porn model and buy some tissues:).
I am happy to work with almost anyone! As long as its not pornographic. I have worked with complete beginners to many amamteurs as well as professional. Im also happy to give my opinion, help out and add ideas.So PLEASE dont think you cant work with me..ive had this alot :)

I work in the midlands however I go to see family regularly in Newcastle.
I also work In London a few days a week and will travel to many places, stay and book a few shoots.


I do work syndication, if you have been published, have proof and pay when and if an image is purchased/sold.
I can sell a story/theme so dont be shy asking.
All Images are to artistic nude.

I dont work for free, or images when working for website content. If you are selling the images for money they I charge my regular rates too you :)


I have experience in all of the above, I love to grab life buy the hands, you have an opportunity...let me know, Just because Ive done alot does not mean I wont be interested so book someone reliable me :).

If you shoot for publications and would like to discuss further please contact me further, some images MAY be used to my discression.


I DO allow home shoots, my home is very new, neutral colours and I can shoot in the sitting room, the kitchen, garden, bathroom, bedroom and shower room.
Ive got some great shots here..but due to a few people who have caused the whole carpet to be cleaned I now ask that you please take your shoes of at the door,,,wear comfortable appropriate clothing..i.e no jeans if your going to be skidding, nealing on the floor as this is what dyes my cream carpet. Maybe bring slippers if its comfy for you too.
I understand we have to move about but just treat my home as you would your own. I always offer you a hot drink before and after and plenty of biscuits, I allow you to turn up 30 mins early to do so and chat about your ideas and maybe look at some
I shoot as much as I can and freelance with many photographers, apart from this I have all my....

*Published Work and promotion*(on top of working with amatuer photographers).
Yellow pages and leaflets, AirBrush Tan Advert
Local Gazette, Singing Competitions
Various Websites promoting Modelling etc
Maxpower Babe, Website
FHM High Street Honey
Nuts Bedroom Babe
Nuts TV
Zoo First Timer comp
Zoo Sex ray specs
nuts real girls real places
Zoo website Hotties
Zoo Sex Confessions with image
Zoo Santas Helpers
Playboy Casting for Special Editions.
Stox Cars Calender
Winter sex tips Zoo
ZOO 35 glam girls in Thongs
Page 3 Idol 2009
British Hot girls
Pure white fantasy
Skinz Tease
Love it Magazine Secret Sex Lives, model and photographer.
Billy Knutt
British Superbikes throughout 2008
Airwaves at BSB
Superleague Formula Grid Girl
NEC Bike Show
Cream Music Video Shoot
Interview with a glamour model, Funky coconut Website
Nuts babe search to come
Maxpower babe search to come
Supercars April 2009
Shoot Jeff Walker
Test George Richardson
The Sun Publication
The Daily Sport
The Daily Star
Zoo Rude News this Week
New Magazine
The Shields Gazette May 2009
An Official TT Girl working for the TT and sponsers including, Poker Stars, Relentless,Sure Radio, Dainese and London 360.
AJEC racing Promotions Girl
Shoot for Couture dresses, 5 page spread for December 2009
Flirt Magazine Spread
Tic Tac Promotion Girl
Maxpower Finalist for Maxpower Girl
Jaguar Promotion Girl/Brand Ambassator
PPMA Show working as a Promotions girl for Manex
The Bike Channel (Promotion Girl)
Shoot for a wheelie Machine, Published.
Zammeretti Gitl Throughout Nov, Dec.
NEC Bike show 09 Auto Trader.
NEC Fashion Show
Charity Bike shoot for Macmillen Cancer.
Ring Card Girl (with more dates to follow)
Superbikes Grid Girl Calender featured on April.
Shoot for Candy Ink commercial pics for Burton Mail.
Zoo 100 Hot Dates
Zoo Cameara Flash Feature and Winner.
Syndication shoot
Poker Knave Interview
Competitor in Miss Fast Car Competition
Nuts Camera Flash Winner December 2009
Zoo Public Flashing Winner also December
Zoo Rudest moments 2009 featured
Zoo Hot Single Girls
Shoot for Hells Angel Calender 2010
Miss CES Promotion Girl January 2010
CES Flyers
Syndication shoot with Adam Turner pending
Second Only tease shoot pending
Other tease websites
Miss Fast car competition 2010
Fast Car Website GSOTW
Fast Car magazine GSOTM
Fast Car mag..competion girls
Godskitchen Video 1 of only 3 Girls for the main Screens around uk
Fast Car magazine 2010 full page publication
foot fetish website
Shoot for a lingerie company wickedelic for publication
Shoot for totally tease
Shoot for cameo role in dvd
x2 bbc 4 sketches
panty amateurs
Dunlop btcc
2011 emma kate calandar shot
Watch me strip Emma Kate downloads up on site

panty maniacs
tiny people fetish site
satinand silk tease
ripping4fun tease site
sneakypeeks site
upskirt site
zammeretto 2010 promotion
Santa pod fast show March 2010
Ajec Racing
Daily Sport.Com Interview
Fast Car Magazine April 2010/May 2010/
Fast Car Video
Boxing girls casting
Babestation Daytime Girl
Bondage Website
Dunlop Btcc
Dunlop Goodwood festival 4 days
Oatwick, promotion girl
Front cover and 5 page spread shoot for 100% Biker magazine
Pantysite August 2010
snetterton btcc Dunlop
casting for coco de mer lingerie
Shoot spread for Zoo Breast friends
Shoot for Zoo Crack the Rack
Promotion Nissan
Promotion Dunlop Silverstone
Promotion Ohlins, Triumph at Mallory Park
Le mans 2010
Zoos Breast Friends with Carole Hunt
Zoos Sexiest women of the week
Zoo video with carole
Wet shoot for website
St Mckenzies website
Ricoh Arena, Painting and decorating show, Graham and Brown
NEC Bike Show 2010
Panty maniacs 3rd shoot
Shoot for advertising race suits
Promotion work for Mojo
Pronotion work for Autosport Marangoni, Official Girl
Shoot for Combat Magazine -Publication
Shoot for clothing line Pipehitters-publication
Bondage-Fetish Shoot
Spin Chix Website
St Mckenzies shoot
Latex Website
Maxim Feature
Glamour Lounge Live Girl
People Magazine Austrailia
Sir Alex Ferguson Golf Classic,
Co operation Golf classic
Secretary Calendar sold online and in Shops
Wtcc Donington weekend

A little more info?

I enjoy all aspects of modelling and have nearly 4 years experience in the styles of Fashion, Glamour, Art Nude and Runway. I would consider any assignment, I like challenges! I also like promotion work such as car shows and beauty shows and have alot of experience in this work. I believe that a good model also deliveres enthusiasm to shoots, gives ideas and works together with the photographer!
I am a very friendly individual with a good sense of humour and a professional attitude which i think is vital to any shoot.


The little extra I have is, Art Nude, I become an Art Nude model, flexible, Toned, creative, artful,elegant.

Fashion, whether high Key or Commercial, I can move. Edgy, funky, bendy, cool, posed, relaxed.

With expressions, I am not afraid of looking stupid, scared, angry, happy, sad, thoughful, serious, cute, sexy.
These come in handy for stock Photos.

I can come to the shoot natural, no extensions, demure, sophisticated.
Or I can come glam, extensions, made up.

Whatever you are after please let me know.

I have been doing my make up since I was 13. I have excellent brushes, professional make up artist products.

My make up is clean and well applied every shoot whatever the look you are after!
No clowns here!!! the end of it all I am known for being a happy, bouncy friendly young woman! I love meeting new people, having a laugh, sharing ideas and drinking tea. So when you do book, expect a friend for life :) x

EXTRA TALENTS....I can sing, write my own lyrics and perform on stage. I like acting, dancing and taking part in new and exciting projects.

So what are you waiting for...send me a mail :)



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